MiMAS Online Competition

1How will the 2022 MiMAS competition be conducted?
2022年MiMAS 比赛如何进行?
The 2022 MiMAS competition (including Arithmetic category, Mathematics category and Memory Category) will all be Online Competitions.

2022 年 MiMAS 比赛(含心算组、数学组和记忆组)皆为【线上比赛】。
2How do I register for the MiMAS competition?
(i) School Registration:
The organizer encourages students to register with the school teacher in charge, certificates or medals will be posted to the school. To avoid loss of certificates or medals, students are required to register individually if the school does not have a teacher in charge.
(ii) Individual Registration:
Students can register online (https://mimas.my) and pay postage RM15, and certificates or medals will be mailed to their home address.

(i) 学校报名:
(ii) 个人报名:
3Who can participate in the MiMAS competition?
All primary and secondary schools in Malaysia, including international schools, private schools and Chinese independent secondary schools are welcome to participate in this competition.

4What are the device requirements must students have to register for the MiMAS online competition?
Students can use computers or mobile phones to do MiMAS online competitions, which meet the following hardware and software requirements:
同学们可以使用电脑或手机进行MiMAS 线上比赛,符合以下设备软硬体要求:
- Microphone and Camera 麦克风和摄像头
- Stable WIFI Connection 稳定的网线
- Google Chrome Browser (Highly recommended) Google Chrome 浏览器
5What is the language used for this competition?
The question papers for the competition are in 3 languages, including Malay, English and Chinese.

6What is the award for this competition?
(i) TOP 5 (Champion, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up, 3rd Runner Up, 4th Runner Up)
(ii) Excellence Award will be awarded to the next 2%
(iii) High Distinction will be awarded to the next 10%
(iv) Distinction will be awarded to the next 15%
(v) All participating students will receive a certificate.
7When will the exact competition time be announced?
The organizer will not arrange students to compete during class time. As MiMAS competition use an artificial intelligence (AI) competition system for proctoring, in order to prevent server overload, we will schedule some of the students to compete on other days if there are too many students at the same time. After the registration ended, the organizer will announce the date and time of each level.

8When will MiMAS competition results be announced?
The organizer is expected to announce the results of the MiMAS competition in mid-June. Students can log into their accounts to check their result, or they can check their result on the MiMAS official website and Facebook.

主办单位预计6月中旬公布MiMAS比赛成绩。同学们可进入自己的帐号查询成绩,或在MiMAS 官方网站和脸书查询成绩。
9How do MiMAS winners get free registration for Shenmo Cup International Competition?
MiMAS winners (Top 5 & Excellence Award) will be invited to participate in the Shenmo Cup International Competition for free.

MiMAS成绩优胜者(Top 5 & Excellence Award) 将获邀请免费参加神墨杯国际比赛。
10How can I contact the organizer?
MiMAS official website: https://mimas.my
Tel: 016-260 2982 (Ms. Tan) / 016-203 9591 (Mr. Ng)
016-260 2991 (Ms. Teoh) / 03-3325 9591 (Ms. Chai)