Competition Information

1. All participants must enter the designated examination area within the specified time, or considered as an abstention.

2. Papers can not be opened until further instructions from the invigilator.

3. Please be sure to fill in student data completely such as full English name, ID number and school name.

4. Participants are not allowed to use any form of calculators, mobile phones, abacus and other tools when answering questions.

5. Only answer with a 2B pencil. If you need to eractify your answers, you can use a soft eraser to erase carefully.

6. The answer must be written clearly, if the handwriting is too illegible, unrecognizable by reviewers will be judge as wrong answer; one question with two answers will be judge as wrong answer.

7. The gradings: 1 point for correct answers, wrong answers will not lead to a score deductions or increments.

8. Please be sure to keep quiet when answering the papers and also not leave the seats without permits.

9. If you have any request or inquiry, please raise your hands and wait for the invigilator instructions.

10. In order to ensure the fairness and just of the competitionMiMAS has the right to require participants to retake the papers and shall not be questioned

11. Disqualified students will not receive any awards, certificates and re-evaluations.

Competition Information


1. All participants will receive a competition certificate of merit.

2. The top 10% (Mental Arithmetic group) and 20% (Mathematic Group) of the nationwide highest scorers who will receive Gold, Silver, Bronze medals respectively.

3. Participants with outstanding performance will be invited to participate in the 5th International Arithmetic ShenMo Cup,competing with participants from China, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmmar, Hong Kong and other countries.


1. The total enrollment of more than 10 from a single school will be categorized in the group competition automatically.

2. 10 participants with the highest score will be selected,the total scores of the selected will be recorded as groups. The school of which top three highest scoring group will be awarded champion, runner-up, second runner-up trophies.